Micro-Livestock Production (Rabbits, Grasscutter & Guinea Pig)

This training is suitable for people who want to make rabbit and grasscutter production a profitable business. The course will introduce trainees to the importance of grasscutter and rabbit rearing, the requirement for this venture, how to properly care for this micro-livestock to produce optimally.


At the end of the course, you will

  • Learn the key issues in micro-livestock production and housing systems.
  • Identify and select appropriate sites for the construction of micro-livestock housing.
  • Identify suitable traits in breeding stock and sexing micro-livestock.
  • Learn how to select and mate breeding stock.
  • Discover the variety of feed resources for micro-livestock.
  • Be able to prepare various feedstuff for micro-livestock.
  • Understand the concept of biodiversity and its impact on micro-livestock production.

Course Content

  • Types of housing
  • Construction of micro-livestock housing
  • Sexing of micro-livestock
  • Mating techniques
  • Weaning techniques
  • Feed resources feed formulation and preparations.
  • Feeding
  • Biodiversity in micro-livestock production.


At the end of the course, you will

  • Learn to cross micro-livestock stock to achieve controlled growth in population.
  • Learn what to do to avoid diseases at the farm and reduce mortalities.
  • Learn about the major vaccinations and medications in micro-livestock operations.
  • Be able to identify and treat many micro-livestock parasite infections.
  • Be able to breed micro-livestock to achieve ideal weights for the market.

Course Content

  • Crossing of micro-livestock.
  • Control and growth of micro-livestock.
  • Diseases and disease prevention in micro-livestock.
  • Treatment of micro-livestock parasites and diseases.


At the end of the course, you will

  • Learn to process micro-livestock products for the market.
  • Understand the drivers, opportunities, and key issues about farm-table distribution for micro-livestock products.
  • Acquire sales and marketing skills for the livestock market.
  • Learn new business ideas and opportunities along the livestock value chain for investment.
  • Understand the drivers of profitability in the livestock business.
  • Calculate and monitor profit and loss in your livestock enterprise.
  • Know the basic records and financial books to keep and monitor the overall performance of your livestock enterprise.

Course Content

  • Distribution.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • New business development.
  • Achieving profitability in micro-livestock.
  • Basic record-keeping in micro-livestock operations.

Micro-Livestock Registration

Payment Methods

Payment via MOBILE MONEY
Mobile Money Name: OAK FOUNDATION
Mobile Money Number: 054 996 7287
Reference: AgriTrak Registration

Or to pay via Bank Deposit contact 024 839 6909

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