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AP OAK was registered as a private limited liability company in January 2018, with its principal activities in agriculture and agribusiness. The company started direct farm operations at its Kasei-Sunkwae (Ejura) site, cultivating cereals, tubers and vegetables. At its inception, AP OAK also supported smallholder farms owned by women in the community with agriculture mechanization and training.


AP OAK started its social enterprise projects with the introduction of the Graduate-in-Agribusiness (Horticultural Module) Programme. This flagship project was initiated with sponsorship from SNV HortiFresh to promote opportunities in the fruits and vegetable sectors to university graduates. Using the platform of a reality TV show, the programme seeks to incubate micro-enterprises in the fruits and vegetables sectors, owned and managed by young persons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to sustainable food production that eliminates hunger and poverty while promoting good health and well-being of the African population. We will do this by prudently investing in agricultural ventures, developing out-grower schemes and incubating women and youth enterprises.


Portia Agyei Yeboah - Managing Director

Managing Director

Portia is founder and CEO of AP OAK Limited, a social enterprise dedicated to education, professional development and entrepreneurship of young women. Her work derives from a passion to help marginalized young women achieve their lives’ potential.

Prior to founding AP OAK Limited, Portia worked in middle management roles in various non-profit organizations. She also gained valuable work experience in social enterprise start-ups. Since attaining her first degree, Portia has dedicated herself to mentoring over 3000 girls in Senior High Schools in Ghana. She believes that when women are educated, the positive impact transcends generations.

In 2016, Portia initiated an agribusiness incubator project as part of AP OAK’s work. This innovation was motivated by Portia’s desire to support small-holder women farmers improve their prospects for financial independence and enhanced living standards.


Consequently, Portia led the formation of farmer cooperatives of young persons in the poultry, vegetable and maize value chains. Portia’s project supports the youth, particularly young women with agricultural mechanization, land preparation and sales promotion. This project impacts the lives of over 400 young women in the project locations. In 2017, Portia was recognized by the Ministry of Food & Agriculture with ‘The Most Innovative Farmer’ award in the Ejura-Sekyidumase municipality, one of the project locations.

Portia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership & Governance, both from the University of Ghana.

Our Agribusiness Strategy

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