Aquaculture Production

This training is suitable for people who want to make fish production a profitable business. The course will introduce trainees to the importance of fish, the requirement for this venture, how to properly care for this fish stock to produce optimally.


At the end of the course, you will

  • Learn basic aquaculture systems
  • Be able to plan and design an aquatic breeding system.
  • Understand all the technical requirements involved in fishpond construction.
  • Be able to supervise the construction of an ideal fishpond
  • Learn critical fish biology relevant for their breeding.
  • Understand the concept of biodiversity and its impact on fish production.

Course Content

  • Basic aquaculture orientation
  • Planning and design of aquatic breeding systems
  • Fishpond construction
  • Fish biology and control of mortality.
  • Biodiversity in aquatic breeding


At the end of the course, you will

  • Be able to understand the principles underpinning fishpond stocking
  • Learn about the various types of fish feed at each stage of aquatic development.
  • Learn about how and where to procure fish feed.
  • Learn how to prepare fish feed.
  • Understand the principles of fish health, and how to achieve these.
  • Learn to (re)produce fish fingerlings
  • Understand and learn how to harvest fish effectively while maintaining productivity in the pond.

Course Content

  • Fishpond stocking
  • Feeding of fish fingerlings
  • Fish health
  • Fishery reproduction
  • Fishery harvesting

Aquaculture Production Registration

Payment Methods

Payment via MOBILE MONEY
Mobile Money Name: OAK FOUNDATION
Mobile Money Number: 054 996 7287
Reference: AgriTrak Registration

Or to pay via Bank Deposit contact 024 839 6909

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