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We Believe
in the Soil

But ultimately it's not office buildings or jobs that give us our checks. It's the soil. The soil is what gives us the real income that supports us all.”
-Ed Begley Jr

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December 3, 2022

38TH Farmer's Day Celebration
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Adenta farmers encouraged to make use of value addition to increase profits

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About Us

AP OAK Company LTD is a private company in Ghana with commercial investments in agriculture and agribusiness. In addition, AP OAK runs a social enterprise dedicated to incubating Youth and Women Micro-Enterprises, particularly in the various agricultural sub-sectors.

What We Do


Social Enterprise


What We Have Achieved

AP OAK Together with our Donor Partners have been able to achieve tremendous works in our country

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Our Flagship Projects

Youth in Agribusiness

The promotion and incubation of sustainable farming practices are AP OAK’s strategies for contributing to the prevention of the harm caused to the environment by smallholder and large-scale agriculture. Our Youth-in-Agribusiness projects are underpinned by eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.

Graduate in Agribusiness

Agriculture, in all its forms, provides jobs and supports the livelihoods of many people in Ghana, especially small-holder farmers in rural parts of the country. The impact of agriculture and agribusiness in creating economic opportunities for large segments of the Ghanaian population is not in doubt.


AgriTrak provides the stepping blocks to securing an alternative livelihood in poultry, livestock, horticulture, and crop farming. It also assists young persons to develop or grow their agricultural skills in order to secure jobs in the sector.

Our Partners

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